1. What is the short-term program in Europe?

The Short-Term program in Europe is a missionary experience consisting of discipleship training and practical service.

2. When does it start and what are my responsibilities?

We have three different programs you can take part in:

A. SHORT-TERM “CIMATICO” (Duration: 3 months –June to August)

Part of this missionary experience is to help prepare for the CIMA conference in August. You can expect to participant in life giving classes, visit numerous European churches and serve on an unforgettable missions trip after the CIMA conference.

B. SHORT-TERM “SIGUE” (Duration: 3 months –October to December)

This missionary experience offers Biblical courses in the topic of world missions and discipleship. During your time of formation you will serve and evangelize with an international team. You will learn more about God, His Word, and the importance of missions. This program allows you to understand new cultures and gives you a realistic prospective about life as a full-time missionary.

C. EXPERIENCE EUROPE (Duration: 6 weeks February 1st – March 15th)

Participating in this missionary experience involves participating in a tour throughout various cities in Europe. During your tour you will evangelize, serve the community, or assist a local church in practical ways. As you tour you will gain a deeper understanding of the spiritual need in Europe.
Experiences associated with the programs:

  • Intercultural experiences: You will live and work with an international team. Your team will be multi-lingual, which creates a diverse experience as well as opportunities to learn about different cultures.
  • Experiences with God and His Word: You will grow with God in new ways by experiencing Him while learning about His Word.
  • Experiences while serving others: While serving, you get to know new people and will see what others are experiencing around the world.
  • Spiritual challenges: Your faith will be stretched as you try new things. Serving in Europe will open your eyes to spiritual truths you may never have seen before.

3. What is the cost?


  • Travel costs (for the flight and train to Walzenhausen, Switzerland).
  • 700 EUROS per month for food, insurance, accommodation and trips within Europe
  • Pocket money for your personal expenses (min 100 EUROS).


  • Travel costs (for the flight and train to Walzenhausen, Switzerland).
  • Costs for special travelling and/or overseas health insurance
  • 1,000 EUROS for food, accommodation, insurance and trips within Europe (this program includes lots of traveling)
  • Pocket money for your personal expenses (min 100 Euros).

4. Where will I live?

Your home during your experience will be the missions central in Walzenhausen, Switzerland. When travelling to European countries, you will stay with European host families.

5. How can I participate in short-term program in Europe?

  1. Choose the program you would like to participate in.
    It is important to know what program you would like to participate in, according to your personal interests.
  2. Apply.
    Fill out the online application form.
  3. Present your trip to your friends and local church.
    We strongly recommend including your friends and local church in this missionary experience. Your missionary experience will be more effective with their prayers and support.
  4. Pay for your experience.
    It is important to have the funding of your project collected before you begin your missionary experience.